Yiwu Hosiery: Good internal skills and steady progress

According to relevant data, in the first half of this year, the export value of the Yiwu hosiery industry was 240 million U.S. dollars, compared with 688 million U.S. dollars last year. The socks market in Yecheng will be upgraded. For a time, Yiwu Hosiery suffered "internal and external troubles". The industry predicts that Yiwu Hosiery will be struck by every step in the second half of the year.

However, on December 18, Jin Shanfu, secretary-general of Yiwu Hosiery Association, told reporters that Yiwu Hosiery is taking the mid-to-high-end route, which is fundamentally different from the low-end market in Datang Town; in addition, according to Yiwu Hosiery Association this year The sales data from January to October show that the once sluggish export sales are picking up.

Datang's unpredictable situation in Yiwu exports

The hosiery industry in Datang Town, Zhuji City started in the 1970s and prospered in the 1990s. Many Datang people claim that their town’s socks production accounts for 65% of the country’s production. In 2002, the town built Zhejiang Datang Textile Hosiery City, and its annual turnover is said to exceed 10 billion yuan. According to data, Zhejiang Datang Textile Hosiery City is divided into four major trading markets: textile raw materials, socks, hosiery machines, and logistics.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the competitive environment, Zhuji has started to upgrade and transform this market. With a total investment of 2 billion yuan, Datang will build a new hosiery professional market, hosiery flagship store, hosiery headquarters building, hosiery museum, exhibition center, business center, modern textile raw material market, and modern knitting machinery market. Wait.

In other words, based on the existing four major markets, Zhuji Datang will build an industrial chain market group for the entire hosiery industry. The Datang New Socks Market, which is currently reported by many media, is the first phase of the upgrading project, with a total investment of 180 million yuan and more than 1,300 shops. It is said that this is also an upgraded version of the socks market in Datang Textile Hosiery City, that is, the fourth-generation market.

It is reported that half of the operators who have settled in are old socks market operators, and the other half are from all over the country, mainly from Haining, Pujiang, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Northeast and other places. However, the business households from Yiwu are mainly Zhuji people who do business in Yiwu, and there are not many real Yiwu people. Yiwu socks brands such as "Langsha" and "Mengna" have large display shops here, but they are only agents of Yiwu socks companies in Shaoxing area.

Zhuji Datang’s upgrade of its professional socks market is considered by many people in the hosiery industry in our city as a step-by-step push by domestic counterparts to the hosiery industry in our city; from the foreign trade data of the overall hosiery industry in our city in the first half of the year It is not difficult to see from the above that the foreign trade sales of Yiwu Hosiery are affected by the international situation and show a downturn.

According to Jin Shanfu, Yiwu hosiery industry is a demonstration point of the foreign trade early warning information of the knitwear industry in our city. From the perspective of the early warning situation, the international political and economic situation and the domestic market situation in the first half of the year are more complicated, and there are many unstable and uncertain factors. "The rise in raw material and labor costs has pushed up the production and operation costs of foreign trade products; with the continuous appreciation of the renminbi and the influence of foreign political and economic environments, the foreign trade market has been relatively shrinking, and long-term orders and large orders have been significantly reduced." Jin Shanfu said.

"Internal and external studies" can be strong

"No matter how the competitive environment changes, as long as Yiwu Hosiery starts from itself, creates a better business environment and enhances its manufacturing capabilities, it can have a broader development space." Jin Shanfu said that Yiwu Hosiery has accumulated itself since its development. In the face of competitors, the next step is to do better.

According to the information provided by Jin Shanfu to reporters, as a "famous city in China's hosiery industry", Yiwu currently has more than 1,400 hosiery manufacturers and more than 60,000 hosiery machines, of which more than 50,000 are imported advanced hosiery machines. This shows that the overall manufacturing strength of Yiwu Hosiery is leading in the industry. Last year, the total industrial output value of Yiwu Hosiery reached 10.8 billion yuan. Statistics from the customs show that its foreign trade exports reached 688 million US dollars.

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